Your First Plugin Sucked (And That’s Okay!)

You wrote a really awesome bit of code and submitted it to the directory, only to find out your code MAYBE wasn’t so great. And worse, even after it was approved, people can be pretty terrible about things. Judgmental. Mean. And now you have complaints, conflicts, bad reviews, broken code, security patches, and more. AUGH!

It’s OKAY!

Everyone’s first plugin sucks. Everyone runs into unexpected conflicts. Learning how to handle them is what will take you from a good developer to a great one.

In this talk, I’ll discuss :

* That first review (what really happens)
* Preventing name conflicts (classes, functions and when to use if-exists)
* Replying to reviews (and when not to)
* Replying to support tickets (and when to say ‘no’)
* Handling security reports (what we really mean by ‘responsible disclosure’)