Getting to WordCamp Raleigh 2017

Registration, sponsor booths, the Happiness Bar, coffee, snacks and the general communal area for WordCamp Raleigh are in the EB1 building which is part of the NC State College of Engineering.  There are three buildings around a central green – EB1, EB2 and EB3.  The three buildings make a U shape around the green and EB2 has an archway that leads through from Oval Drive to the green.


The buildings are marked with campus signage outside and there will be signs for WordCamp Raleigh.  Sessions will be held in two large theater auditoriums in EB1 and two large theater auditoriums in EB2.  The room numbers can be found on the Schedule and will be well signed.  Volunteers will be on hand to help you.

There are parking decks on Partners Way and there is a walkthrough that takes you up some steps between EB1 and EB2.

We have a map of the campus here  (the red star marks the entrance for WordCamp).

Below is an image looking towards EB2 from the turning circle at the bottom of Oval Drive. You can see the green through the archway.


Below is an image looking back towards Oval Drive through the archway in EB2 from the green.  EB1 is to the left of this position.


Below is an image of the entrance to EB1 where WordCamp will be.  This photo is taken from the same position as the one above, so EB2 and the archway are to the right of this position.


Finally, below are some images of the atrium area in EB1 where WordCamp registration, sponsor booths, the Happiness Bar, coffee and snacks can be found.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday and Sunday!