Featured Speaker : Cory Miller

Cory Miller is a former newspaper journalist turned full-time entrepreneur. In 2008, he started iThemes, one of the first commercial product companies in WordPress, that now offers key products like BackupBuddy, iThemes Security and iThemes Sync.

Topic Title: Managing Your Iceberg

Topic Description: Life is like an iceberg.

Too often we only see or share the good and great, the sunshine and success (or the above the surface stuff). But in reality, we all suffer and struggle at some point with things buried under the surface.

Particularly in the online world we’re immersed in, it’s too easy to get lost, or to suffer in silence.

My story is an example of that. In almost 9 years of entrepreneurship (10 in the WordPress community), I’ve had my share of above the surface successes (co-authoring a “For Dummies” book, building a great WP company) as well as below the surface struggles (divorce and depression).

I will be sharing my personal experiences and story and how I manage my iceberg in business and life.